How to Keep Your Lawn Looking as Good as the Rest of Your Home

Envious of your neighbor’s lawn? You don’t necessarily have to hire a professional to get your own lawn looking good. One survey found that nearly half of homeowners who responded said they enjoy caring for it themselves. After all, it can be a great excuse to get out in the sunshine and fresh air, perhaps burning quite a few calories too.

Whether you want to boost curb appeal before putting your home on the market among Whistler homes for sale, or simply want to enjoy your yard more, there are many things you can do yourself to create that lush, well-maintained look. 

Take Measures to Prevent Critters from Digging 

If animals like moles and rabbits are digging up your yard, dig a trench around it, about 8- to 12-inches wide and two-feet deep, and then add a mesh type of material so that they can’t cross. Another option is to soak some old rags in white vinegar and strategically place them on stakes around the lawn. Most critters can’t stand the scene even after it’s dried as their noses are more sensitive than ours. The rags will need refreshing about once every week, however.

Feed it Regularly

Many lawn owners think all you have to do is feed your lawn once in the spring, but it requires fertilizer several times throughout the year, every three to four months is ideal. Choose an organic, natural lawn fertilizer as it’s healthier for the environment and can even produce a greener lawn as compared to synthetic fertilizer. 

Cut the Grass to the Right Height

Knowing the right height to cut your grass is key if you want it to be healthy and strong. The correct height depends on the type of grass you have so you’ll want to check this guide for this answer. Additionally, it’s important to keep the blades on your mower sharp so that it will cut effectively. Reel mowers are ideal if you’re thinking about buying a new mower, as they cut the grass like scissors rather than tearing it like a standard rotary mower, resulting in healthier grass. 

Water Less Often But More Deeply

A healthy lawn requires deep watering, but probably less often than you’re used to. By watering infrequently and deeply, the roots will grow deeper into the soil, helping grass stay green during a hot summer or periods of drought. The general rule is watering once a week with one inch of water, although the exact amount can vary depending on the type of grass, soil, and weather conditions. To measure, place some shallow containers around your lawn and turn the sprinklers on. When there is an inch of water in most of the containers, you’re done.

Stay On Top of Weeds

Staying on top of weed growth is also key to keeping your lawn looking good. You definitely don’t want weeds to take over which will make it far more challenging to correct than spot-controlling will. A solution of dish soap, vinegar, and salt is a cheap and effective way to get rid of them. Combine it all in a spray bottle and on a warm, sunny day they’ll turn brown and wither in a matter of hours.

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