When I’m anxious I like to play short little games to switch off and calm down, focusing and concentrating on something else clears my mind and allows me to relax. I normally just play sudoku on an app on my phone so I was thrilled to discover a browser based collection of little games. I get distracted really easily so accessing the site from my laptop means I don’t lose complete focus and I’m able to get back to work quicker, if I have to pick up my phone to play something then you can guarantee I’ll end up on Twitter or Instagram and I’ll lose two hours and lose focus on my work. offers logic puzzles, word games, mahjong games, hidden object games, lots and lots of card games like gin rummy, crazy eights, euchre, hearts….etc, connect three type games and of course, Solitaire!


I love playing Sudoku, I’ve always had a Sudoku app on my phone since my first smart phone and’s Sudoku game is perfect. You can choose from easy, medium, hard and expert levels so there’s something for every ability. As with all games the game comes with incredibly detailed and clear instructions so you’ll be off playing in no time.

Another fun game is Candy House, a pretty standard colour matching game, match 3 or more blocks of the same colour to progress through the levels. It’s a great little game and I find it engaging enough to clear my mind from whatever is bugging me.

The word search puzzles are great and something I do with my daughter to help with her spelling and vocabularly. It’s a good way to encourage and support her learning without her really realising we’re doing something educational.

With so many games already on the site it’s unlikely you wont find something to play but if you can’t find something then keep checking back as they’re updating and adding more and more on a daily basis.


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