My Blogging Journey

I initially began blogging over 15 years ago as a diary really, to record my life and day to day activities, write about any enjoyable days out I’d had, nice holidays, interesting books I was currently reading, shows I was enjoying, movies I’d recently seen…etc. I then abandoned it for a few years as I was too busy to write.

When I was pregnant in 2015/2016 I returned to the blogging world solely as a reader. I consumed all the mummy blogs on a daily basis and they were my bible when it came to product recommendations and all the baby must haves, at the the time The Sleepyhead was the product you HAD to have so I bought both the baby one and the junior one! Sidebar: those bloggers were absolutely correct, it was one of my favourite products. Once I had my daughter in 2016 I decided to pick blogging up again as a way to record all those milestones, firsts, baby classes, family holidays, crafts we enjoyed and child friendly days out. At the very start I was in the new baby fog so it’s a great way to have those memories.  I still read that blog now and I’m grateful I recorded so much because there’s no way my tiny baby addled brain would have retained all those small moments for me to look back on years later.

I began this blog recently as I wanted something more general and not solely tailored towards my family life and my little girl. I didn’t realise I was writing a lifestyle blog or a travel blog or setting myself up as an influencer until a brand approached me with a collaboration request. This blog definitely evolved, just like Celia Abernethy’s blog. Celia began blogging as a diary, just talking about her day to day and now she runs an incredibly successful blog as a travel influencer.

If you’re even considering blogging my advice is just start! It doesn’t matter how bad it looks at first, you can work on that over time, there are so many tutorials and blogging groups out there I find there’s always some incredibly kind person more than willing to help. The blogging community is amazing and I’ve met some wonderful people I now consider close friends. You can literally blog about anything so please don’t ever dismiss an idea as too niche. I recently helped my friend start a blog for an online business she started during lock down, prior to that I hadn’t even thought about a blog linked to a shop but it’s been pretty successful and her customers get to know the business owner a lot better, knowing there’s a real person behind the brand definitely helps with sales. As I said before there is help available  for beginners of all types of blogs and I referred to 21 New Social Media Tools for Merchants in 2021 article a fair but when assisting my friend.

I really hope this blog will continue to grow and I’ll always enjoy writing for it. We have lots of days out planned now lock down has lifted (fingers crossed for no more new lock downs) and I’m excited to get back to recording a more normal day to day life and continuing to work with wonderful brands.

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