Browser Based Online Video Games

We LOVE video games. We have so many consoles – from retro ones like The SNES right up to the PS5. We also play a lot of PC games too using Steam. When I’m anxious and stressed I always disappear into Animal Crossing on the Switch, I find wandering round my island for 20 minutes incredibly relaxing and soothing.

I work on my laptop a lot so I was excited to recently discover browser based games at The homepage is amazing and packed full of categories that would appeal to a wide range of gamers. The categories include educational games, pinball games, games based on comics, simulation games like flight sim and lots more. The categories are packed with great games and they add more every day. Make sure to always check New Games to see what has been recently added. There really is something for everyone.

I’ve always really enjoyed Tetris, ever since I was a young girl and played it on my Gameboy back in the early 90s, so I was delighted to see the site offers their version of the game, Tetra Blocks. It’s great, easy to play with the arrow keys – use up to rotate your block and the remaining 3 keys change the block’s direction. It gave me a nice 20 minute break from work and the fact it’s browser based was really convenient, meant I could switch from work over to my game.

The site offers educational games too. I played Odd Squad Down The Tubes which is a fun little maths game with my daughter. You have to repair a broken tube for the little green guy to fly through and collect juice boxes.  You measure a gap in the tube and are offered a variety of pipe lengths, some of the pipes are the exact length so it’s easy to fill in a gap, some pipes aren’t the exact length of the gap so you have to do some simple addition to get the right length to repair the tubes. It’s a cool little game and my five-year-old really enjoyed it.

We all really enjoy playing Guy Fox Vertical Flying Collecting Game. Fly your little fox collecting rockets, presents which give you various boosters and avoiding the drones, an exclamation point appears to warn you where a drone is going to be so you can dodge out the way and avoid it. The game is controlled with the arrow keys, it’s quick and easy to get the hang of and really addictive.

There are so many games we enjoy on this site there’s no way I could list them all. I love being able to switch to the site in another tab for a quick work break and playing browser based games saves the battery on my Switch too.


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