Moving House In A Pandemic

We moved house during a pandemic, it had good points and bad. As we completed in late May we were able to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday. Any delays and problems were immediately blamed on the pandemic, when sometimes I think it was just incompetence, the pandemic excuse was rolled out a lot and it got boring, so that was a big bad point. House prices were higher but that was ok for us as we got a higher price for the house we sold too so it evened out, not great for first time buyers though.

Our chosen estate agent valued our home and advised us what sort of price range we should be looking at for our new purchase, my maths must have been way off because it was a lot more than I thought. I even double checked what our maximum purchase price could be with our deposit and the agent was right, I was so shocked. I also wanted to make sure that we could realistically afford the associated mortgage given our actual income and outgoings. I’m now sat writing this post in my new beautiful home and I still can’t believe we could afford something like this! We must have paid more into our mortgage than I thought.

Besides the good and bad points I’ve already talked about and the house price increase due to the pandemic, not much was that different. We were at the top of a big chain and that caused more hassle than any issues caused by the pandemic. Would I do it again? Probably.




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