Adventure Street Children’s Play Centre Wolverhampton

These role play areas have popped up over the last few years so thought I’d write about our favourite, Adventure Street. Set in a really lovely area at the recently built Baggeridge Craft Village the parking is free and literally right outside the door. It is so clean as it’s in a new purpose built building, we’ve visited a couple others that were, for example, in an old pub and they were a bit shabby and badly renovated, this place is spotless and purpose built, currently I find it’s incredibly important to me to know/feel the place we are visiting is safe, clean and sanitised for my family.

You can book online and they have a great website with FAQs covering everything you need to know. The play sessions last 75 minutes and we found that was perfect for our three year old, there was no tantrum about leaving at the end, so she obviously felt she’d got a good play. Basically book online, put the postcode into the satnav, wear socks and turn up to play at your booked time.

Adventure Street is suitable from toddlers to around age 7. There are some bumbo seats for babies so younger siblings are obviously welcome too. You can either go into the street area with you children and engage with their roleplay or there’s a small cafe area where you can sit and have a drink and some cake.

There’s a great selection of roleplay areas and my little girl especially enjoyed the hairdresser, the stables and the hospital. I honestly can’t fault the place and my only complaint would be there was an Alpha Mummy that kept trying to tell us what to do, once you are ready and have your shoes off and put away you can enter the role play area but Alpha Mummy wanted us all to wait until everyone for the play session was ready for some reason. It was all a bit weird but didn’t ruin the session or anything and this wasn’t Adventure Street’s fault at all. I highly recommend Adventure Street.

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